Gifts for 1906 children in 2021

Each child has a specific gift list

Waiting to be wrapped

With Our community's help!

Hundreds of bikes requested each year

Organizing the Details

Our volunteers have a blast!

Bikes are assembled and ready to go!

Volunteers make it happen!

Ready for the BIG pick-up!

Parents pick-up gifts in December

A quick tour through Blessings in Boxes

To sponsor a child for this year's Blessings in Boxes, contact [email protected] 

550 children still need a sponsor for 2022 'Blessings in Boxes'

Distribution days are Dec. 9th & 10th

Listen to Lynn on WHKP's George Real Estate Group Radio Broadcast with all the details of this years's 'Blessings in Boxes'

To sponsor a child or volunteer for  Blessings in Boxes contact [email protected]

The wondrous transformation of Blessings in Boxes, during a week in December.

Distribution Day 2020